Saturday, April 11, 2015

Soldiers' Angels Network

Soldiers' Angels is thrilled to announce a revamping of Operation Veterans Outreach to more-directly connect veterans who need assistance with the people who want to help them.

Propriety Operation Outreach software on the new site allows applicants in need to post pictures and background about their military service as they request donations of time, money, services or materials.  Patriotic Americans then browse a list of current needs or sign up to be notified of future postings based on keywords, type of need and location of the recipient.

"It's like Craig's List for America's Veterans," says Soldiers' Angels Chief Program Officer Lance Dowd.  "The real power of this new site is its ability to galvanize the community surrounding a veteran to become personally involved in supporting that veteran.  We're continuing to enable all Americans to make a measurable difference in the lives of our nation's military men and women, which is the unique power of Soldiers' Angels."
To be eligible for assistance through Operation Veterans Outreach, applicants must be a transitioning/wounded or honorably discharged (Honorable or General Discharge status) member of any branch of the US Military, including National Guard, Reserves and Coast Guard.  Eligibility is also extended to the immediate family of those killed in action.

Click here to create an Operation Veterans Outreach supporter or applicant account!  You can also make a general donation without signing up.