Tuesday, August 24, 2010

You’re needed by our troops more than ever before


Dear Soldiers' Angel:

I'm writing you and our other most loyal friends. Last month was the deadliest yet in Afghanistan and our troops need to hear from us now more than ever. 

I desperately need your help.  

Here's why:

Right now I have 300 pallets of goods to send the troops. That's roughly 660,000 pounds of comfort items for our men and women serving in war zones overseas.  

Even simple things we take for granted, like coffee and socks, are some of our most requested items from our troops in the field.  And we have a warehouse full of these goods, ready to go.

So what's the problem? We still don't have the funds for shipping, which are astronomical.  

You can just imagine how much it would cost to ship that much weight anywhere.  That's 330 tons of materials for our troops.

Multiply that figure because we're shipping it half-way around the world.  Then multiply if further because it's going into an area without many roads or other infrastructure.  And multiply it even further because it's going into a warzone.

That's what you and I are faced with. Yes, we need a miracle.

To make matters worse, August has always been a slow month for donations.  Families are on vacation, people are outside engaged in activities with friends and loved ones.  But our needs for supporting our troops are actually greater than ever before, regardless of the summer plans of our supporters.

That's why I'm writing you.  My sincere prayer is this message will prompt you to send your emergency contribution today - - right now, while you are thinking about it.

After all, what can I tell our soldiers, Marines, airmen and sailors?  That we can't help them because people are on vacation?  That their medical recovery needs to be put on hold?

That we here at home have forgotten about all they're doing for us overseas?

I just can't bring myself to do that. And knowing what I know about you and how much you love and support our brave troops, I don't think you'd want me to, either.

I have no hope of providing for these needs, unless I come to you and my other loyal friends with this emergency plea for help.

Please don't put this message aside and go on to anything else.

Could you give just $20 or $25 to help at this critical time?

Maybe you could give $50 or $100 or even $500 or more, to help make up for those who can't give us much.

Your tax-deductible contribution for $20 or $25, or whatever amount you're best able to give at this time would mean so much to our troops who have already sacrificed so much.

Soldiers' Angels doesn't receive taxpayer funds.  We rely on the loyal financial support of good friends like you. 

I hope you renew your support with your very best tax-deductible contribution –- today!  

Thank you so much for your friendship and support.   

Most Gratefully,

Patti Patton Bader
Founder and Chairman
Soldiers' Angels

P.S.  Last month was the deadliest yet for our troops in Afghanistan.  They need to hear from us at home, to know we love and support them even while their struggles have all but disappeared from the national media.

We have roughly 300 tons of material to send, and no way to send it because we can't pay for the shipping.

We need a miracle.  Please, can you be a part of that miracle today with a gift of $20 or $25, or even $100 or $500 or more?